Most Important Prayer

Most Inportant Prayer

Night time prayers… The most important prayer!
We are incomprehensibly protected. Thanking God everyday.

“May our Father’s will be done and may His loyal angels protect our dreams, mind, conscious, subconscious and soul. May His holy spirit fill our hearts, quench our worries and shield our thoughts. And the powerful blood of our Redeemer, cover our bodies, bed, room, house, communities, country and world. We rebuke, cancel and do not accept, any curse, ill will, trail, magnet, representative or spirits of death, confusion, illness or destruction, attracted, exposed to or sent our way. And may our birth right, light, courage, attributes, purpose, focus and joy, manifest to us clearly and continuously with the sunrise of each new day. Be blessed my soul. Be glad my heart. We are now one day closer to their reigning and long awaited, luminous will. In the name of the most loyal son, our king and savior, Jesus Emmanuel”. ~

With all the good will and love my heart could express, Elizabeth Barrera



Celebrated and Loved

Celebrated versus Tolerated

Original FB post… 06/2012

Thoughts of Empowerment & Gratitude R w/ me. Thank U 2 all who me, ‘AS IS’ :”) U back! The rest of u > Nothing  for you here, other than hoping u find peace. The following is not usually on my mind, praise God, since it no longer hurts. Yet, enough! Real talk, 4 those who can’t & from myself. Do you realize that words do kill? I’ve seen many loose the battle because of it. Yes, we are to 4 Give ( give away- in Hebrew) Matt. 6:14 – 14, 15; “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Wiser, learning from exp & civil if we have to, most of all staying ‘light’ by 4 Giving. 4 Freedom, 4 Health, 4 Him! In addition, choosing to keep those who: judge, gossip, justify, manipulate, opinion-ate, question, lecture, envy, instigate or attempt to destroy in hush voices, greedily devouring their plate & someone else’s, ridiculing names & sending curses.. Long distance & very far. Might get away w/ guilt trips, lies, 2-faced friendships; Armed w/ out of context compilations, theories, hearsay & assumptions. Might even get it ‘right’ a couple times, a pat on the back, superior complex, or even mockery groupies to no end… Contaminating names as u go, which is murdering u well know. We all have ‘dirty laundry’ & need forgiveness… All.

And yes, bad things do happen to good people & each life is not someone else’s, but their own to live. Did you realize, that millions die because of words (or lack of up building ones) ? I do not claim anything 4 myself, am / was as imperfect as they came. Yet, got tired of receiving crumbs, when feasts abound. Try it, go / be where you are loved & celebrated instead of just tolerated! Blessed, stronger & striving, 2 let faith, joy & light come through, w/ God’s seal of more each day. Only here by daily supernatural peace from above. 4 His glory & completely by their grace. We’re all on the same boat & on borrowed time. What do you say.. Time 2 ascend & comprehend. Why not just have a heart & a little self-control. Thankful 2 be a walking miracle ~ Now it is about looking up and forward, in faith & with ease and health.

Great to sqeeze out poisoned darts / vibes, as I understand, ‘see’, and appreciate I am more than able to clean house & shake it off. Releasing it all at His feet & finally not picking back up. Detox time, returning 2 sender.. I’m done. No more idolatry &/or worshiping sideways, only Up. The old Ellie is gone. Recycling best wishes, respect, & the good kind of Thank God, He is d God! And light, justice & good will, always win. Feel free to share. It is all good & better than ok. Thanking God & those who love me, 4 me! Free at last. Yipee!!!


“BEING” Positive

Dedicated to all who’ve cared, be it once or 10 times. Awareness + Actions = Life

Great, and ‘super cool’ to talk about easy, ‘positive’ and ‘upbuilding’, fun stuff. However, they DO NOT get down and dirty enough and help tangibly save lives. Or replace love in acion with work boots on, when someone really needs help (be it periodically or once).

Since no one can ‘earn’ grace by ‘conclusions, being spiritual enough, talking or thinking ‘smarter’ or amazingly positive talks’…  So, Happy DOING to us all.! We ALL need help, and cancer just intensifies it 100 fold. Do not have cancer? May your knees crush a bit from praying and for God’s sake help. Have had it and have either a home, car, husband, parents, money, &/or kids. Or never ever felt sick, invisible, hopeless or scared…  I am truly glad and happy for you. Have been through what I’ve going through and could do better? Doubt it. Still wish you the best. Thank the heavens many of us and I, are thankfully closer to Him, loved & focused than ever. And rich in what matters most: His love, supernatural protection and strengthened in clarity, with joy in our hearts and inner peace. Wishihng you, without the cruel cancer academy awareness, the same.

Best ‘talk’ of all… Is to Do.

Since no one can ‘earn’ grace…The “crazy, weak, unfaithful, negative, ‘annoying or problem magnet”.. Might just be one of us one day. Praise be to God! Pray, talk and then Help…


Now… Before it Fries

mami papi n kids

Mom & Dad (Milagros & Ramon) – r.i.p. I miss you… You were royalty and mami you fought cancer until the end, with such bravery and grace. I love you both, may you be in our Father’s & Almighty’s arms :’] > In Alt Springs at the moment… Whew! Almost lost count! the other day, I could not find that main street by downtown.. Michigan? After living and driving by it 12 years – My brain completely shut down, as if in another place! Keep forgetting names I should know, info, etc.. That should come second nature to me. Ooh.. that chemo brain is for real! At times feel like a race horse, can and only able to see, whats in front of me.. Hmmm, maybe that is the way were suppose to live… Forward and always onward. After 18 places this year, dealing with the monstercancer and other’s opinionated perpectives and comfort zones… Plus the constant ‘new %$#@& normal’ aftershocks, loss of countless relationships, car, and home.. Feel God’s got me and loves me more than ever. Weird, so wish my mom and dad were still around; truly gone too young.. Been thinking of them a lot lately.

Well, thank you if you actually look me in the eye, accept and love me as-is. Or listen to my lately louder and exausted, impatient, sad and at the same time full of healthy voice, venting and stupid laughs.. I would barely feel as part of the living, if it wasn’t for you.. Hope & pray I get to see the dozens of F&F I have not seen, truly ‘seen’, or only a couple of times, since my diagnoses in 2010. Wish you nothing but the best, healing, forgiveness, and lots of courage just as life, love and God keeps gifting us and get to live one more day. So, yeah..just surviving is all. Praising God no matter what! He knows and those who are in the dark trenches even if periodically with me, know I am, as all doing our best. God bless you/us all for that! Happier (even if many times depleted and sad) still, with more appreciation, clarity & focus than ever. But for real you all, keep me in your prayers and help me if you want and can.. Thank God every time the sun comes up brings us a chance to do something different and if needed start again =’)

Testimony & Photos – Pray it saves &/or supports a life.

Ok, so downtown.. Whenever I get to drive a car ( or RV 😉 by all of your generosity and lovesupport > I’m gonna go find that street Michigan! Yup!! For now, part ot my brain literally fried :’/ Aahhh… That explains why my hair is getting ‘puffier’ as it grows back!! He, hee… Anywho, if it is to the benefit of His biggest purpose to cure me of cancer, I am sure that the recycling of our communities, adoptive families, blood or otherwise and this adventure we call living… His mercy, justice and love will cure and conquer it ALL. Jah bless loves 😉

Blessed Elizabeth> Sibblings Michelle Anderson and Luis Ceballos are all grown with kids and marry now :’) To think I was like a 2nd mom to them.. How time flies! Now… Do it all now. Don’t listen to all that new age and wishful , Im in control of the universe ‘sh&@uff’ Even though our spirit is eternal and it will all fall in to place soon enough.. There is no time! Chances leave, do not ever repeat and we are not God or in control of time. We are only dust and this organic temple does have a very fragile and perisheable expiration. So from the botton of my … Happy praising, singing, screaming, laughing, authenticity, forgiving, giving & receiving, plus lots of praising & dancing… To us all 😛 Our Source plus King, made  us the pinacle of their creation and and the center of their affection. This whole planet is specifically made for our joy… With the right perimeters – Enjoy! We, more than anybody, know in our hearts what’s righty, wrong and up. After all we R born with His blueprint! Let’s keep living and letting others live (or even better, being supportive of their joy), while we still can; And has not ‘fried’ ;]

Inspirational – Wishing you goose bumps… :’)


The Boat

The Boat

No. If I make it and continue to live – It is not by something I have done or should not have done. And… No. If I do not make it and die – The answer is still the same. So you see? We are ALL in need of God’s mercy and after all on the same boat. In compassion and healing reflection… I love you. Let’s help one another stay afloat. JahBless. Romans 14:7 & 8


Do You Hear The Call?

gods love light

Ones who have been called, understand and support each other’s callings.

II Corinthians 10:4 The weapons we fight with are not weapons of this world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds!

Prayers, reasonableness and tenderness have their place. And so does incomprehensible strength, protection, authority and courage from our almighty father above. It is imperative we keep training spiritually; Individually and as a household. Zooming in on our ultimate goal; Salvation of eternal lives and souls, including our own > Isaiah chapter 55, Mathew chapter 25, Deuteronomy chapter 28, etc…

It is happening… Do you hear the winning team’s call? Philippians 2:10, Rom 8:38