Don’t Believe In Angels? I Would!


Some of us have gone to hell and come back; Knowing of and seeing this ‘unseen’ world, while most don’t. Even though low budget and limited regarding the majesty of this realm; Could tell you 99.9% of this movie IS true and because of all the ‘confirmations’; I cried. I’ve seen the sky full of them without even a cloud in sight, some as big as airplanes and with such massive and muscled bodies; In total gratitude we are able to be and choose sides. Many with no wings and of earth tone colors. We could only request, see or be protected by them; If their following assignments or God’s command. Could only speak of what I have lived… Since we are gifted with free will, they could only come if prayed for and if to the benefit of God’s purpose and to the grander scheme of His son. Soon all will know and see, how incomprehensibly loved and protected we have been.

Angels are real. And if up to God’s enemies, none of us would be around. Having been close to death a few times thought my life (the last ones being breast and colon cancer), will with all assurance urge you, to prepare your household for what’s already happening and soon to come. Let the bible and holy spirit train and make you comprehend, so we are by God’s mercy found on the winning team. Currently it is unpopular, hard to understand (understandably so) or imagine… Take it from me. It is bigger and more intense, than this or any other movie could project! None of the injustices, chaos, or human crimes, cruelty, domination or pettiness; Are gonna matter or stand. Then, real judgement will hit the land. Wishing us courage, clarity and authority, as we do our best, to stay close in the embrace of His grace. And pray that if you ever come close to experiencing anything like this; You connect your heart and faith to your maker, the only who has the way out or last say. Above all, do not forget to breath! Seriously. No one could help or save you, when & if you come across this dimension. This one is an illusion, full of smoke and mirrors and in many ways for now, a better and easier way to live.


So close your eyes for a bit, and go ahead if you have to, let your knees fall hard; And thank your loyal guardian angels and the ONE who sends them around your loved ones and you.. Believe. Breathe.. Romans 8:38 “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love” – So if you don’t have one; get a bible and separate quality time to thank and learn in gratitude, by Jesus feet =’) Divination Usually do not recommend movies, etc.. But this might just be, a matter of life. Wishing us all richness, in what matters most: Purpose & Peace. – Blessed Ellie (Barrera). GB

I have seen angels and situations as both pictures and scenes… Pray.