Angels On Earth

To ALL my earth angels, even if you are not here… Thank you for having helped me &/or continue to do so. 1 or 100x’s – You know who you are! = My Life =)

onix n elizab marinate and teejosef n ramirito 10/10/2013 Almost 3 years after my cancer diagnosis… God, love and the universe, never fail to come through.. There r no coincidences and things, situations n people come to (or leave) our lives for a reason. Always  Well, just a couple hrs ago was mentioning to my bestie Therease Dawson, who accompanied me to Doc’s appt, that I really needed a scarf or light bandana to wear the times I need to go out. Having to take a 4th round of a different n even stonger antibiotic, because of post-surgery infections.

All good though, believing and declaring! Thanks for your added prayers ;> Anywho.. Suppose to only come out at night (he, hee.. just cracks me up- I’ve always been a nite owl after all), since no sun at all, is best. So, we went to lunch and a nice emplyee there gave me this cool blue bandana, after she heard me compliment her coworker on hers! Super funny photo though! Look at my bright n loud head scarf n blouse.The bandana goes right along with it all ;>

white golovesmichis shades    Ox, ellie

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