Most Important Prayer

Most Inportant Prayer

Night time prayers… The most important prayer!
We are incomprehensibly protected. Thanking God everyday.

“May our Father’s will be done and may His loyal angels protect our dreams, mind, conscious, subconscious and soul. May His holy spirit fill our hearts, quench our worries and shield our thoughts. And the powerful blood of our Redeemer, cover our bodies, bed, room, house, communities, country and world. We rebuke, cancel and do not accept, any curse, ill will, trail, magnet, representative or spirits of death, confusion, illness or destruction, attracted, exposed to or sent our way. And may our birth right, light, courage, attributes, purpose, focus and joy, manifest to us clearly and continuously with the sunrise of each new day. Be blessed my soul. Be glad my heart. We are now one day closer to their reigning and long awaited, luminous will. In the name of the most loyal son, our king and savior, Jesus Emmanuel”. ~

With all the good will and love my heart could express, Elizabeth Barrera