“BEING” Positive

Dedicated to all who’ve cared, be it once or 10 times. Awareness + Actions = Life

Great, and ‘super cool’ to talk about easy, ‘positive’ and ‘upbuilding’, fun stuff. However, they DO NOT get down and dirty enough and help tangibly save lives. Or replace love in acion with work boots on, when someone really needs help (be it periodically or once).

Since no one can ‘earn’ grace by ‘conclusions, being spiritual enough, talking or thinking ‘smarter’ or amazingly positive talks’…  So, Happy DOING to us all.! We ALL need help, and cancer just intensifies it 100 fold. Do not have cancer? May your knees crush a bit from praying and for God’s sake help. Have had it and have either a home, car, husband, parents, money, &/or kids. Or never ever felt sick, invisible, hopeless or scared…  I am truly glad and happy for you. Have been through what I’ve going through and could do better? Doubt it. Still wish you the best. Thank the heavens many of us and I, are thankfully closer to Him, loved & focused than ever. And rich in what matters most: His love, supernatural protection and strengthened in clarity, with joy in our hearts and inner peace. Wishihng you, without the cruel cancer academy awareness, the same.

Best ‘talk’ of all… Is to Do.

Since no one can ‘earn’ grace…The “crazy, weak, unfaithful, negative, ‘annoying or problem magnet”.. Might just be one of us one day. Praise be to God! Pray, talk and then Help…



Dazed and Displaced – Need ‘Home’

fruit bowl

Displaced 2x cancer survivor in urgent need of urgent help! Would you read and then please share w/ all you can, and as often as able? > http://www.gofundme.com/50n1l0

“Hi everyone. I am Ellie and pleased to have this opportunity to recycle unity and combine strength. Would you consider being part of an opportunity to show caring in action once again, or for the 1st time? Dealing with 2 types of cancer for 3+ years (breast then colon), my soul feels as if thinning out, even when attached to hope. After loosing health, place & relationship; my car just got repossessed. Floating around since 2010, unable to afford a place on disability. And w/ both parents gone, no husband or kids; To say this ‘cancer academy’ has been life-threatening, is to say the least. Only here by the power of miracles, love in action & God. At times had stayed in my car (and OK about it), but as mentioned it is now gone. At this point, I am feeling totally deflated. Yes, know not ‘alone’ and very grateful to any and all who have temporarily offered a roof over my head, shared their space, and the fact I am alive one more day. Yet in dire need for a place to call my own and reliable rest =/ All the packing/unpacking, living out of bags and by other’s realities and taste; have left me depleted.

Grateful to all who continue to impart good will, blessings and strength through generosity and prayers. Cancer does not just hit and leave… Chronic pain, ongoing surgeries, tests, acute fatigue, loss of relationships, tendon, muscles and nervous system sensitivity and constant new found limitations; are pretty normal side effects. I send nothing but forgiveness, release, blessings to all, and none of the previous or following words have an ounce of malice in them.Yes! Positivity, talking and prayers is crucial; Yet, as of now we are all still organic and at the mercy of other’s mercy (or harm) with real limitation and needs. Matthew chapter 25 – From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! And to all who right this instant, decide to periodically forward & donate! Might just end up sitting in front of the right set of eyes, so for your ‘shares’ I say thanks :’)

*Also open to gifts of a Van (which I can convert into camper) &/or small RV, house and car. Already have a couple long-term place’s I could park. And/or reliable, long-term and quiet house-siting positions – Anywhere. Have felt fulfilled by going on couple of missions and as part of speaking assignments and community projects. And such callings warm my heart. Yet, now the sense of urgency points towards me. God’s continued clarity and protection, as we stay close to the embrace of His grace. I should have been dead, miracles are real – I am living proof of it.

Ellie Barrera 407.733.6998 – P.O.Box 720921 Orlando, FL 32872 God and life continue to bless you, with one of the biggest treasure you already have -Your health. Looking forward to meeting someday on one of my/our upcoming RV living & trips 😉  http://www.gofundme.com/50n1l0