Celebrated and Loved

Celebrated versus Tolerated

Original FB post… 06/2012 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=353137428091198&set=a.313601138711494.74463.100001848304303&type=1&theater

Thoughts of Empowerment & Gratitude R w/ me. Thank U 2 all who me, ‘AS IS’ :”) U back! The rest of u > Nothing  for you here, other than hoping u find peace. The following is not usually on my mind, praise God, since it no longer hurts. Yet, enough! Real talk, 4 those who can’t & from myself. Do you realize that words do kill? I’ve seen many loose the battle because of it. Yes, we are to 4 Give ( give away- in Hebrew) Matt. 6:14 – 14, 15; “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Wiser, learning from exp & civil if we have to, most of all staying ‘light’ by 4 Giving. 4 Freedom, 4 Health, 4 Him! In addition, choosing to keep those who: judge, gossip, justify, manipulate, opinion-ate, question, lecture, envy, instigate or attempt to destroy in hush voices, greedily devouring their plate & someone else’s, ridiculing names & sending curses.. Long distance & very far. Might get away w/ guilt trips, lies, 2-faced friendships; Armed w/ out of context compilations, theories, hearsay & assumptions. Might even get it ‘right’ a couple times, a pat on the back, superior complex, or even mockery groupies to no end… Contaminating names as u go, which is murdering u well know. We all have ‘dirty laundry’ & need forgiveness… All.

And yes, bad things do happen to good people & each life is not someone else’s, but their own to live. Did you realize, that millions die because of words (or lack of up building ones) ? I do not claim anything 4 myself, am / was as imperfect as they came. Yet, got tired of receiving crumbs, when feasts abound. Try it, go / be where you are loved & celebrated instead of just tolerated! Blessed, stronger & striving, 2 let faith, joy & light come through, w/ God’s seal of more each day. Only here by daily supernatural peace from above. 4 His glory & completely by their grace. We’re all on the same boat & on borrowed time. What do you say.. Time 2 ascend & comprehend. Why not just have a heart & a little self-control. Thankful 2 be a walking miracle ~ Now it is about looking up and forward, in faith & with ease and health.


Great to sqeeze out poisoned darts / vibes, as I understand, ‘see’, and appreciate I am more than able to clean house & shake it off. Releasing it all at His feet & finally not picking back up. Detox time, returning 2 sender.. I’m done. No more idolatry &/or worshiping sideways, only Up. The old Ellie is gone. Recycling best wishes, respect, & the good kind of Thank God, He is d God! And light, justice & good will, always win. Feel free to share. It is all good & better than ok. Thanking God & those who love me, 4 me! Free at last. Yipee!!!



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